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Why use Propylene Glycol instead of Alcohol when making M&P Soap

Traditionally alcohol has been used as the solvent in making M&P soap. It works well and help produce a transparent bar, but it does some have some drawbacks. Many people have used Proplyene Glycol  (PG) in place of alcohol with great results. Below  a list of reasons why I prefer PG over alcohol The price…

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Transparent Soap Workshop at HSCG 2018

Next week I will be in Atlanta at the 2018 HSCG Conference. As always it will be packed with great information about making and selling soap. I’m presenting a workshop and giving a talk on how to make Detergent Free Melt & Pour Soap from scratch. I’ll be posting the details on the procedure. You’ll…

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Advanced Meetup May 2018 – Sculpted Soap

This month we will be doing sculpted soap. This is a technique where different layers are poured, allowed to set then a form is dragged over the surface leaving a structure to the surface. This is procedure is repeated several times building up a pattern or image in the soap that is revealed when the…

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